September 1st 2024. In the northern centre of Germany. 6:35 a.m. Famous Harz Mountains, land of German fairy tales, and the world heritage site Quedlinburg are the settings of an exciting middle-distance triathlon. The “Hölle von Q” (Hell of Q) – named after the ancient street Hölle (Hell) in the centre of medieval Quedlinburg. After 2 km of swimming, 83 km cycling (including 1400+ m altitude difference) and a half-marathon you will pass this street on the way to the finish line at the beautiful market square. But be aware: on your way you might get the impression, that the word Hell in the context of triathlon might have a second meaning, too.


The Hölle von Q is a small triathlon made by a group of enthusiasts. Expect approximately 500 starters including relays. We are not big business. We are fun. Serious fun.


In 2022 we were happy to have starters from: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, USA, the Netherlands and Italy!


This are some of the highlights and landmarks you will enjoy:


What is Quedlinburg like? See the funny video made by some aussies (You might skip the first 4:40 though if you do not like to drive on German Autobahn) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-DYgqFbCRM&feature=youtu.be

To register use form (available in german only) or send name, address (incl. e-mail), date of birth, name of your team - or any questions - to info@hoelle-von-q.de. If you have an ITU licence, please send a copy. Otherwise you need a day licence (available on site, 25 €).

Attention: on site you need to confirm by writing the legal conditions – which are available in German only! Like everywhere in modern world this rules include all kind of legal waivers (i.e. for accidents/damage to the customer not due to intent or gross negligence of the Organizer and the team, publicity rights on pictures made at the competition and so on). Here you find the German version of the rules applying. The “Hölle from Q” is authorized by the German Triathlon Union (DTU) and obeys German laws.




Parts of the bicycle race will take place on public streets open to (low, ruled) traffic. Parts of the bicycle race will take place on streets with up to 14% angle of elevation and serious curves. This parts are used two way for the contenders and are closed for other traffic. Even though all participants have a standard insurance at race day we strongly recommend to have your own full-service insurance.


The “Hölle from Q” is guarded by German police and watched by dozens of emergency personnel and more than 250 Helpers. Until now we did not have any serious security incidents. We don’t want to have them in the future. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.